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DIY Marketing Membership +Networking

Are you tired of late night frustration? Are you looking for a better way to connect to your target audience but don’t know where to start? Are you using an online tool or platform but are worried your efforts are not effective? We can help you figure all of that out, develop a plan and execute it with results!



Highlights of Membership Benefits


  • Scheduled weekly live help for online marketing (social media, blogging, websites).

  • Access to content resources to help you determine what you need, what you don’t, and how you get there.

  • Reviews and How To instructions for online marketing tools.

  • No registration fee for monthly networking events.

  • Discounted online marketing services (for the parts you don’t want to DIY!).

  • Increased productivity through accountability and collaboration.

  • Increased creativity through collaboration.

  • Promotion of your small business to our members and email list on a regular basis.

Tracy and Heike

Your Marketing Made Easy is your DIY solution to small business online marketing.


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